The all-new Shuttle from C&G Systems is an economical, full-function, self-contained CNC cutting system designed for portability and flexibility. Shuttle can be equipped to cut with oxy-fuel or a variety of plasma power sources.

Entry Level
The Shuttle is an ideal platform for users new to shape cutting. The system is easy to set-up, learn, use, and maintain. A standard shapes library provides users with many of the most common shapes to get you cutting quickly.
Whether Shuttle is your only machine or used as an auxiliary unit to supplement your larger plasma cutting table, there is a space for this unit in almost any operation.
Shuttle has many of the capabilities of larger cutting systems. In addition to standard shapes, Shuttle can accept complex shape files in .CNC format. Artisans, hobbyists, and small shops will appreciate the small footprint that does not consume valuable shop or garage space. Shuttle can be easily stored when not being used.
Users with larger cutting systems can utilize Shuttle to quickly knock out those odd jobs without interrupting production, or as a back-up system during maintenance or service cycles.
Shuttle is available in three configurations: 4’x 8′, 5′ x 10′ and a portable 4′ x 4′.
Customers with large fabrication operations can quickly move and set-up the 4′ x 4′ Shuttle in remote fabrication areas as needed. Construction and field-service users can take Shuttle to the job-site and save countless trips back to the shop to cut or pick-up parts.


System Specifications

  • Cutting Capacity
    • Effective Cutting Capacities: 4′ x 4′, 4′ x 8′, 5′ x 10′
    • Cutting Thickness:
      • Oxy-Fuel: 1/4” – 4.5” (6mm – 120mm) Steel
      • Plasma (Optional): Plasma Power Sources Available up to 100 amps, Capable of Piercing up to 5/8” (19mm) and Edge Starting up to 1 3/4” (44mm) Steel
  • Tool Station Capacity
    • Single Oxy-Fuel Torch Station with Manual Lifter, or
    • Single Plasma (Optional) Capability
  • C&G Systems CNC Control
    • High Performance CPU with multi-tasking motion processor, Part Nesting Support
    • 7″ LCD Display
    • 45 Built-In Standard Parametric Shapes
    • USB Port
  • Drive System
    • AC Servo Motors
      • Cutting Speeds: 2-40ipm (Oxy-Fuel), 10-120 ipm (Plasma)
    • Rapid Traverse: 155 ipm
    • Linear Ways on Heavy-Duty 3” x 8” Steel Channel
    • 3/4” Gear Rack and Hardened Pinions
  • Power Requirements
    • Control System: 110VAC, 60Hz, 180W
    • Plasma (Optional): Varies by Model
  • Oxy-Fuel Applications
    • Recommended Cutting Gases
      • Oxygen/Acetylene
      • Propane
    • Maximum Combustive Gas Pressure: 215 psi
Optional Equipment

Optional Equipment

  • Plasma Power Supplies up to 100 amps from Hypertherm and Thermal Dynamics
  • Motorized Torch Lifter
  • Automatic Height Control Lifter (for Plasma)
  • Portable and Stationery Cutting Tables
  • Nesting Software packages from MTC or FastCAM


Plasma Cutting: C&G Systems all-new Shuttle

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