Heavy-Duty Dual-Side Drive

Versatile and Expandable
The Challenger is your best value for high-production conventional or precision plasma, as well as heavy duty oxy-fuel cutting applications. A time-proven design featuring sturdy, long-lasting components will boost your production to new levels. The Challenger is available in standard cutting widths of 6’, 8’ or 10’ (1.8m, 2.4m, or 3m). Rail extensions may be added to increase the standard 12’ (3.7m) effective cutting length up to 52’ (15.8m).

CNC Controls
Challenger DSD is available with Hypertherm EDGE-Ti, EDGE-Pro, Burny 10 LCD+, or Thermal Dynamics XT CNC Controls. These industrial PC-based controls run in a user-friendly yet powerful Windows XP environment and have 15” TFT touch-screen monitors.

Heavy-Duty Construction
The new Challenger DSD series builds on the time tested Challenger platform. A powerful dual-side drive system replaces the traditional single-side drive, and rides on precision machined and hardened tongue-in-groove 90# T-Rails mounted on 6” x 8” (150mm x 200mm) steel tube pedestals. To ensure a smooth and accurate motion, crowned truck wheels with self-cleaning wipers are used.
Challenger DSD also features new Clean Deck design, which provides maximum protection for cables and hoses, while providing easy access for routine maintenance and service.

Plasma Productivity
A variety of integrated torch height control systems from Hypertherm, Inova, and Thermal Dynamics are available to meet the demands of high-volume production. Pierce heights are accurately set prior to each arc start and torch-to-plate distance is precisely maintained during cutting. These systems utilize fast response servo motors for optimal cut quality. Challenger DSD can be equipped with a wide variety of conventional or precision plasma systems up to 400 Amps from Hypertherm, Kaliburn, or Thermal Dynamics for production cutting capacity of up to 2” in steel, 2.3” in stainless, and 3” in aluminum.

Oxy-Fuel Performance
Challenger DSD can be equipped with up to 4 oxy-fuel stations. Heavy-duty high performance oxy-fuel components are your guarantee of superior productivity. The optional gas system includes twin sets of high and low pre-heat regulators to produce fast pierce rates and balanced torch flames, even with multiple torches. A domed high-flow oxygen regulator provides adjustable pierce rate control and outstanding flow capacity. The standard Victor MT318 torch is designed for cutting plate up to 12” (300mm) thick.

Challenger DXD
C&G Systems has designed its DXD series of machines around Hypertherm’s Rapid Partand True Hole Technology processes. By seamlessly integrating the full suite of genuine Hypertherm EdgePro CNC controls, ProNest software, ArcGlide torch height controls, and XD plasma systems, superior hole quality and significant improvements in productivity are achieved. True Hole Technology automatically optimizes system settings to produce superior hole quality, often eliminating the need for secondary operations. Rapid Part intelligently retracts the torch to next pierce height with rapid Z-axis motion, pre-flows gases during IHS or during machine motion, and optimizes motions between cuts. This typically results in an 80% reduction in cut-to-cut cycle time, and a reduction in overall cycle time of 50% (most significant improvements are achieved on plates with high part/pierce counts). The Challenger DXD can be equipped with Hypertherm’s HPR-130XD, HPR-260XD, or HPR-400XD plasma systems.


System Specifications

  • Standard Cutting Widths of 6’, 8’ or 10’ (1.8m, 2.4m, or 3m)’
  • Standard Effective Cutting Length is 12’ (3.7m).
    • Rail Extensions in 4’, 8’, and 16’ (1.2m, 2.4m, and 4.9m) Increments up to 52’ (15.8m) Available.
  • Welded Steel Construction
  • Cutting Station Capacity
    • 5 Stations Maximum
    • Up To 2 Plasma Stations
    • Up To 4 Oxy-Fuel Stations
    • 1 Marking Station
  • Industrial PC-Based Hypertherm EDGE-Ti, EDGE-Pro, or Burny 10 LCD+ CNC Controls
    • Easy-To-Use 15” TFT Touch Screen Operation
    • Windows XP Based Operating System
    • 80 GB Hard Drive / 1 GB RAM / USB Ports
  • 250 Watt DC Brush-less or 400 Watt AC Dual-Side Servo Drives
    • Up To 600 IPM
  • Plasma Systems
    • 40 to 100 Amp Air Cooled Plasma Systems
    • 100 to 400 Amp Water-Cooled, 100% Duty-Cycle
    • Conventional and Precision Plasma Systems from
    • Hypertherm, Kaliburn, and Thermadyne
    • Plasma Station Collision Sensor (Standard)
  • 1.25” Wide Precision Machined and Hardened Ways
  • Hardened 90#, Tongue-In-Groove T-Rail System
  • New Clean Deck Design
    • Protects Cables and Hoses During Operation
    • Provides Easy Access for Routine Maintenance and Service
    • Heavy-Duty Power Track on all Axis for Hose and Cable Management
Optional Equipment

Optional Equipment

  • Up To 5 Plasma and Oxy-Fuel Cutting Stations
  • Plate Marking Station
  • Fiber-Optic or Wireless Communication Package
  • Air Exhaust or Water Cutting Tables
  • Heat Shields
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Dedicated Air Compressors & Dryers
  • Professional CAD/CAM and Nesting Software Packages
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