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Precision Dual-Side Drive System

The Complete Solution

The Aviator DXD from C&G Systems is the next generation of precision profile cutting solutions for any job shop or manufacturer. Aviator DXD builds on the strong heritage of our Aviator platform with many improvements. This new machine incorporates: dual-side servo drive motors, planetary gear boxes, a more robust drive system, Clean Deck design, and the latest CNC control systems from Hypertherm.


Base machine systems have been pre-configured with conventional or precision plasma systems from 65 amps to 300 amps. Thin gage sheet metal to 1 1/4” plate (32mm), Aviator DXD can handle your toughest plasma cutting jobs. For heavy duty cutting capacity, you may add an oxy-fuel cutting station. Plasma marking (XPR 170 or 300) or pneumatic air scribe may also be added for engraving bend lines or part numbers on plate.

Plasma Productivity

Aviator DXD delivers productivity. The Hypertherm EDGE Connect control provides precision motion control for both plasma and oxy-fuel cutting. Arc-off time between parts is extremely short with a rapid traverse speed of 1,000 IPM (25.4m/min.). The Hypertherm Sensor THC plasma torch height control system rapidly sets pierce height and maintain precise torch to plate distance while cutting. A Magnetic Torch Breakaway is standard.

C&G Systems has designed its DXD series of machines around Hypertherm’s SureCut Technology processes, which include True Hole and Rapid Part. By seamlessly integrating the full suite of genuine Hypertherm controls, ProNest software, and XD or XPR plasma systems, Superior hole quality and significant improvements in productivity are achieved. True Hole Technology automatically optimizes system settings to produce superior hole quality, often eliminating the need for secondary operations. Rapid Part intelligently retracts the torch to next pierce height with rapid Z-axis motion, pre-flows gases during IHS or during machine motion, and optimizes motions between cuts. This typically results in an 80% reduction in cut-to-cut cycle time, and a reduction in overall cycle time of 50% (most significant improvements are achieved on plates with high part/pierce counts). The Aviator DXD can be equipped with Hypertherm’s XPR 170 or XPR 300 plasma systems.

Unitized or Free-Standing Designs

Aviator DXD is available with unitized water or down-draft cutting tables (4’x8’, 5’x10’or 6’x12’), or available in 6’ and 8’ widths up to 28’ long for use with free-standing cutting tables.

Rapid Set-Up

Aviator DXD with unitized frame ships mostly assembled, so installation is quick and easy. The frame is leveled, cross beam set, tool carriage mounted, and the cables routed. You will be cutting parts within hours.

CAD/CAM Software

C&G Systems can provide you with a variety of professional CAD/CAM and nesting software packages to meet the demands of your particular application.

Aviator DSD Delivers

Gage metal to heavy plate, Aviator DSD delivers full-featured CNC productivity at an affordable price. Aviator DSD is the best value in the industry.


System Specifications

  • Machine Sizes
    • Integrated Water or Down-Draft Cutting Tables
      • 4’ x 8’ (1.2m x 2.4m), 5’ x 10’ (1.5m x 3m), or 6’ x 12’ (1.8m x 3.7m) Effective Nominal Cutting Area
      • Heavy-Duty Construction with 3/16” Slats on 4” Centers
      • Free-Standing Models
      • Available in 6’ (1.8m) and 8’ (2.4m) Widths
      • Lengths from 12’ (3.7m) to 28’ (8.5m) Effective Cutting Area
  • Tool Station Capacity: 3 (Maximum)
    • 1 Plasma Station
    • 2 Oxy-Fuel Stations
    • 1 Marking Station
  • Industrial PC-Based Hypertherm EDGE Connect CNC Controller
    • Integrated Sensor Torch Height Control System
    • Easy-To-Use 19.” PCAP Touch Screen Operation
    • Windows 10 Based Operating System
    • Solid State Hard Drive – USB Ports
  • Heavy-Duty Drive System
    • Powerful 400 Watt AC Servo Drives
      • Up To 1,000 IPM (25.4m/min)
    • Heavy Duty Gear Rack with Over-Sized and Hardened Pinions
    • Precision Planetary 10:1 Gear Boxes with <3 arc min. Backlash
    • Enclosed Drive System to Protect Machine During Operation
    • Precision Machined 45# T-Rail
  • New Clean Deck Design
    • Protects Cables and Hoses During Operation
    • Provides Easy Access for Routine Maintenance and Service
    • Heavy-Duty Power Track on all Axis for Hose and Cable Management
  • Plasma Systems
    • Value Priced 65 to 125Amp Air Cooled Plasma Systems
    • 200 Amp MaxPro 200 Oxygen Plasma
    • XPR 170 or 300 X-Definition Precision Plasma
Optional Equipment

Optional Equipment

  • Air Scribe Plate Marking Station
  • Fiber-Optic or Wireless Network
  • Oxy-Fuel Torch
  • Water and Down-Draft Cutting Tables
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Dedicated Air Compressors and Dryers
  • Professional CAD/CAM and Nesting Software Packages


C&G Systems Aviator DSD

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Download and Print Brochures

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