Crossfire is a Dual-Side Drive Plasma / Oxy-fuel, Gantry Style Cutting System designed to exceed the most demanding customers’ expectations.

At 900 IPM, Crossfire is fast and reliable. State-of-the-art SERCOS AC drives provide the power, and an integrated PC-based controller provides the sophistication to increase operator productivity. The controller is powerful and easy to learn. The chassis is swivel-mounted and has a user-friendly touch-screen operation. The 15″ TFT display provides clear, bright graphics that can be seen at any angle or from across the shop floor. Time is money and Crossfire saves both.

The Crossfire cutting system maintains a positional accuracy of better than .010″ and a repeatability of .002″ in an 8’ x 8’ area as certified by an independent laser calibration and certification company. With such capabilities, Crossfire is always on target.

Crossfire is engineered to operate 24/7. Easily capable of running for more than 100 hours straight, the rugged Crossfire could run for countless shifts without interruption. The 90# T-rails are flame-hardened for a longer-lasting, smooth ride. The cross carriage is of robust I-beam construction with precision ground linear ways for durability and precision. Crossfire is engineered for the long run.

Crossfire is available in 6’, 8’, 10’, and 12’ widths and its length can be extended up to 100’. Crossfire can be equipped with as many as 5 cutting stations (one plasma with up to 4 oxy-fuel or 2 plasmas with up to 3 oxy-fuel) and a marking station. The optional wireless communication package offers the ultimate in convenience. No matter what job it is, you can’t miss with Crossfire.


System Specifications

  • Standard Cutting Widths From 6’ – 12’ (1.8M-3.6m)
    • Custom Widths Available
  • Length:
    • Standard Effective Cutting Length: 13’ (4m)
    • Extensions Up To 100’ (30m) Available In 4’ (1.2m), 8’ (2.4m), and 16’ (4.9m) Increments
  • Cutting Station Capacity: 5 (Maximum)
    • Up To 2 Plasma Stations
    • Up To 4 Oxy-Fuel Stations
    • 1 Marking Station
  • Integrated PC-Based Burny 10 LDC Plus CNC Controller
    • Easy-To-Use 15″ TFT Touch Screen Operation
    • Windows XP Based Operating System
    • 80 GB Hard Drive / 1 GB RAM
    • USB Port / 3.5″ Diskette Drive
  • 900 IPM Drive Package
  • Sercos 750 Watt, Brush-less AC Drive Motors
  • Precision Machined and Hardened Linear Ways
  • Hardened 90#, Tongue-In-Groove T-Rails
  • Helical Planetary Direct Drive Gear Boxes
  • Enclosed Power-track On All Axis
  • Inova Torch Height Control
Optional Equipment

Optional Equipment

  • Pedestal Mounted Control Panel
  • Conventional or Precision Plasma
  • Plasma Station Collision Sensor
  • Band Drive Slave-Torch Positioning
  • Plate Marking Station
  • Fiber-Optic or Wireless Network Communication Package
  • Heat Shields
  • Air Exhaust or Water Cutting Tables
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Dedicated Air Compressors and Dryers
  • Professional CAD/CAM and Nesting Software Packages


C&G Systems Crossfire Plasma – Cutting 2″ steel

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